Campaign 1

Session 1


Erik: Merys- A male elf rogue, has been travelling with Ezra for around six months
Kristen: Ezra – A female human wizard, has been travelling with Merys for around six months
Brianne: Valyra – A female human fighter, was found fighting with some goblins at a crossroad. Is looking for her friend who was captured by the goblins.

NPCs: Kyra – A female human cleric. Was found at the tavern by Merys and Ezra. A shady figure.

The story so far: Merys and Ezra entered the tavern and noticed the eyes of a hooded figure on them. They gathered information and discovered that it is a human cleric named Kyra who was sometimes seen in town. She has been known to take adventurers off to go on quests. Sometimes the adventurers do not return. Merys and Ezra talked to her and she asked them to go to a crossroads about a league outside of town to fight a group of goblins that have been harassing travelers. Ezra sensed motive on Kyra and discovered that she was truthful enough, but she believes that there is more than meets the eye. They agreed to follow Kyra, but they decided to rest first.

The next day they went out to the crossroads where they found a number of orcs, plus a human. They also found Valyra, who was hiding in a tree, waiting for an opportunity to strike. She told the adventurers that the goblins had her friend and she was trying to get back at them. They battled, but Merys and Ezra were knocked unconscious. Eventually Valyra struck a final blow against the human, who appeared to be leading the goblins. Kyra healed the two unconscious adventurers. Valyra pleaded to the adventurers to get them to go find her friend. Kyra suggested that they go back to the town to rest up first, since they were worn out by the fighting. The party agreed, so they went back to town with the intention of setting out again after resting.



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